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Below are the awards given to individuals who exemplify Service Above Self through the Rotary Club.

The Paul P. Harris Fellowship

An individual who contributes, or in whose honor or memory is contributed, $1000 to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, within a twelve month period, is recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow.

Paul Harris Fellow Sustaining Members

Any person is recognized as a “Paul Harris Sustaining Member” who makes, or in whose honor is made, an initial contribution to the The Rotary Foundation of $100*, with the stated intent of contributing further until $1,000 is reached. Additional contributions can be made in any amount and credited to the individual’s plan. At the time the contributions reach a total of $1,000, the person will be recognized as a “Paul Harris Fellow.”

Levy/Rady Fellow

An individual who contributes $5,000, above the $200 annual contribution, to the Rotary Children’s Fund or the Endowment Fund of the Rotary Club of Fort Worth is recognized as a Levy/Rady Fellow.

O. Roy Stevenson Fellows

An individual who contributes $1,000, above the $200 annual donation, to the Rotary Children’s Fund or the Endowment Fund of the Rotary Club is recognized as an O. Roy Stevenson Fellow.

The William B. Todd Service Above Self Award

This award was established in April, 1962, to honor a member of our club for his/her outstanding and on-going contributions to our club and our community throughout the four avenues of Rotary service.

Current officers, directors and members of the William B. Todd Award Committee are ineligible during the current year, but are eligible in any year in which they are not serving in such capacity.

The award will not necessarily be made each year, but will be made only when the committee decides there is a Rotarian who merits the award.

The committee shall meet early in June to decide if there is a qualified candidate. The award consists of an engraved certificate, signed and framed, and the candidate’s name is engraved on a tab which is affixed to the William B. Todd Memorial plaque in the Rotary Office. It is presented at a regular club meeting in late June.

The committee serves for the period of one Rotary year, and consists of a Past President of the Club as a Chairman and not less than three other Past Presidents as members all to be appointed by the President of our Rotary Club. The purpose of such Committee is to review all nominations or suggestions for the award, and – if appropriate – to designate a Rotarian for this honor. It is suggested that this Committee meet not less than three time during the Rotary year to discuss individuals showing qualifications for such award. The basis to be used by such Committee in selecting a Rotarian for this award will be the extent such individual has worked in the Four Avenues of Service, namely Club Service, Community Service, Vocational Service, and International Service for the club and the community.

His/Her attendance average during the particular year should be given consideration along with the work done in the Rotary Service Fields. The particular Rotarians under consideration by this Committee will not be divulged outside of the Committee so that only this Committee will know up to the time of the award just who has been selected.

The committee will welcome letters form the membership, up to June 1, suggesting Rotarians for the award. Candidates may be proposed to the Committee at any time during the Rotary year in question, but such proposals should stipulate the basis for such consideration and not just a name for any such consideration. The Committee will be the sole judge as to who has qualified for such award and their majority decision will be binding.

1961-1962       Clint W. Herring*

1963-1964       W. Glen Darst*

1965-1966       Ira Kersnick*

1969-1970       Wallace B. Hartshorn* 

1971-1972       Louis J. Levy*

1974-1975       Joe J. Rady*

1978-1979       O.D. Shackelford*

1981-1982       Frank G. Dunham, Jr.*

1982-1983       Willard Barr*

1984-1985       Judson A. Cramer *

1985-1986       O. Roy Stevenson *

1986-1987       Loyd L. Turner*

1988-1989       William R. Sarsgard*

1989-1990       Lloyd J. Weaver

1990-1991       Paul M. Stevens*

1991-1992       Geneva S. Wright *

1992-1993       Roger Rienstra*

1993-1994       Darrell K. Glenn*

1993-1994       Brian W. Garrison#

1994-1995       Edgar H. Keltner, Jr*.

1995-1996       R. Pat Evans

1997-1998       Felix Ankele* 

1998-1999       Kenneth L. Barr

1999-2000       Stanley Graner *

1999-2000       William A. Herrington*

2000-2001       Larry D. Eason

2004-2005       Bob Bolen *

2004-2005       Tom Law*

2006-2007       Louis R. McLain, III

2007-2008       Gary W. Cumbie

2007-2008       James M. Whitton

2008-2009       J.R. Labbe

2009-2010       Susan Morgan

2009-2010       Zem Neill

2011-2012       Wayne Carson

2014-2015       Fernando Costa

2015-2016       Robert M. Holt

Key: * Deceased;  + Honorary: # No longer a member of this club

as of June 29, 2016