why join the Rotary Club of Fort Worth?

If you are service minded, the Rotary Club of Fort Worth is our community's largest service club and one of the largest of 35,000 Rotary Clubs around the world. We are a great place to meet new people, share ideas, learn new things, and hear from some of the most outstanding speakers from around the world. But that's not all.

Did you know...
  • The Rotary Club of Fort Worth was instrumental in founding the Child Study Center?

  • Our Club assisted in founding the Panther Boys Club (which is the Boys & Girls Club today), Better Business Bureau, Community Chest, United Fund and the United Way in Tarrant County?

  • In 1916 we donated $1,000 toward the purchase and beautification of a plot of land to be named Rotary Park. Rotary Park was the first headquarters of the Fort Worth Parks Department and the site of the first bath house in Fort Worth.

  • The park was rebuilt in 2013 for our Centennial Celebration as Rotary Plaza at Trinity Park.

  • We created Fort Worth Citizens Organized Against Crime with Crime Stoppers as one of the divisions? (Today this organization is known as the Safe City Commission.)

  • Created the nationally recognized STARS (Service Through Active Rotarians and Students) program where our members volunteer hundreds of hours each year.

  • Created and maintain the Thomas R. Windham Award to honor the top recruits from the Police and Fire Training Academy classes.

  • Created a High Impact Project that involved over 200 people from our community to identify a project that our club could move the needle on…it is third-grade literacy. 

  • And there is still so much more! We invite you to learn more about the Rotary Club of Fort Worth and about how our members -- Fort Worth's most respected business leaders -- are working together to make real and meaningful differences in the lives of people in our own communities and around the world.


Who Can Join Rotary
Qualified potential members are men and women of good character who possess an excellent business or professional reputation, and who live or work in central Fort Worth. Appropriate candidates include those who are presidents, vice presidents, owners, managers, and/or someone with discretionary authority.
To become a member of any Rotary Club, you must be proposed by a member of the club you wish to join. We are looking for presidents, vice presidents, owners, managers, and/or someone with discretionary authority.
Financial Obligations
  • Initiation Fee - $500
  • Semi-Annual Dues - $630.00 /$1,260.00 per year, meals included.
  • Guest Lunches - $31.00 per meeting (cash, check or credit card)
Attendance Obligations
Regular meetings are held each Friday and start at Noon on the 12th floor of the Fort Worth Club located at 306 W. 7th Street, (76102) in downtown Fort Worth. We know that our members have full schedules and we ask that members try to maintain at least a 60 percent attendance or participation level, which works out to about twice per month.
Approval Process
  • Once a membership proposal is received in the Rotary Office the proposal goes to the Classification and Membership Committee
  • The Classification and Membership Committee will review the nominees. Nominees that are approved will them be submitted to the Board of Directors for review and vote. 
  • Once approved by the Board of Directors, nominees will receive a letter requesting a photo and check/money order for semi-annual dues and initiation fee.
  • Once the three items have been returned to the office the nominee will receive first reading and second reading before the Club. 
  • If there are no objections by the club after the first and second readings, the nominee will be asked to attend a Rotary Information Session with the Executive Director.
  • Once the nominee has attended the Rotary Information Session the nominee is an official member of the Club and will be introduced at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  • NOTE: The entire process takes approximately 45 days.

Ready to become a member ?
Membership of a Rotary club is something granted to those willing to commit to assisting in their local communities, in addition to the global community. If you are ready to join other like minded individuals in accomplishing these goals you should let us know.