Funding Criteria

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Criteria for Submitting Requests


Grants from the Rotary Children’s Fund are designated for the purpose of providing support to benevolent, charitable, educational or research undertakings of nonprofit agencies with particular emphasis directed at the medical, educational or other needs of low-income children in Tarrant County.

Grants from the Endowment Fund of the Rotary Club of Fort Worth are to be distributed to organizations to be used for educational purposes, specifically programs dealing with adult literacy.

In order for organizations to receive grants from either fund, they must qualify under section 501 (c) (3) or other appropriate sections of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

In addition:

  1. Distributions from either fund can be used expansion of programs for qualifying agencies. Beginning in 2008, grants dealing with literacy will be given preference. Grants may be made for other purposes upon recommendation by the committee and approval by the Board.
  2. There will be no disbursement of funds to individuals or special event fundraisers.
  3. A request for funding will not be considered unless it is submitted on the proper form.
  4. The deadlines for receiving applications in the Rotary office are August 15, and April 15 or on the first business day following these dates. Applications that are not received by the deadline date will be considered with applications received by the next deadline.
  5. Requests for multiple year funding are not encouraged.

Requests should be submitted to:

Alyson Pollak, Executive Director
Rotary Club of Fort Worth
306 West 7th, Suite 715
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Advisory Committee Functions/Responsibilities:

  1. The Advisory Committee will review applications to the Rotary Children’s Fund and the Endowment Fund of the Rotary Club of Fort Worth.
  2. The Advisory Committee will be composed of one chairman, a chairman elect and 6 members.   The president will appoint the six members to serve for a three year term. He/she will also appoint the chairman of the committee.  The president elect will appoint the chairman elect.
  3. The Advisory Committee will review the qualified applications which are received in the proper form by the prescribed deadlines.
  4. The Advisory Committee will make recommendations for funding to the Board of Directors for final approval. After action by the Board, the committee will ensure that applicants are notified of the decision to fund or deny requests.
  5. The chairman of the Advisory Committee will ensure that the committee meets a minimum of three times annually as follows:
    March/April – members of the committee meet for orientation
    September/October – meeting held to consider grant requests received by the August 15 deadline
    May/June – meeting will be held to consider grant request received by the April 15 deadline
  6. It is the responsibility of the Advisory Committee to solicit contributions from the club membership to increase the corpus of both funds.