J.D. Granger

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Title: J.D. Granger
Location: Ft. Worth Club Bldg., 12th Floor 306 W. Seventh Street, Suite 715 Fort Worth, Texas 76102
Description: J.D. Granger, a long-time supporter and volunteer of the Trinity River Vision Master Plan was hired in 2006 to manage the TRV Project. JD worked previously as an Assistant District Attorney for Tarrant County. He has served on the Trinity River Vision steering committee since 2000, chaired the Trinity Uptown segment of the Trinity River Vision Master Plan and is the chair of the Trinity Uptown Design Standards Citizen’s Advisory Board. In addition, he has served on the Board of Streams and Valleys, Inc. since 1999, Downtown Design Review Board and the Cabela’s and Downtown TIF boards. He also has worked on the City of Fort Worth’s Downtown Strategic Action Plan on Housing, Access and Circulation Committee and Open Spaces/ Public Art Committee.
Start Time: 12:15
Date: 2012-02-17

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