Committees 2017 – 2018

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CLUB SERVICE: Gleniece Robinson, Chair

Club Service is the heart and soul of the club and it takes dozens of people each week to perform the jobs necessary for a successful Friday meeting.

  • Programs: Joe Michels, Chair
    • This committee is charged with securing a speaker or another program for 48 weeks per year, a daunting task.  However, since we offer the best attended public forum in Fort Worth, this committee can afford to be very particular in their program selection.
  • Registration of Visiting Rotarians & Guests: Carley Moore, Chair
    • Registration Tables:  We would like to have 2 members host this table per week.  All guests & visiting Rotarians must be registered.  Visiting Rotarians should pick up a card so that they can get credit from their home club for attending out meeting.  If you are the volunteer working this table, please ask folks to write legibly since everyone will be introduced during the meeting.
  • Introduction of Visiting Rotarians & Guests: Mary Kathryn Anderson, Chair
    • Introductions are made from the podium each week.  We recognize all visiting Rotarians and all guests. (Club Tradition: The Rotarian who has traveled the longest distance to attend the meeting is given a gold-plated putter by the president.  This special gift is donated by the family of Congressman Roger Williams, who is a member of our club.)
  • Invocations: Chris Jordan, Chair
    • Each week a member leads the club in prayer at the start of the meeting.  Invocations should be non-denominational and mindful of our members’ rich diversity of faith traditions.
  • Greeters: Brandy O’Quinn, Chair
    • We like to have three greeters per week.  As a new member this is a great way to get to know your fellow Rotarians!
  • Newscast: Cortney Gumbleton, Chair
    • At each meeting a newscast is given, most try to be light and amusing.  (This tradition started in the early days of the club when a member would bring over the latest teletype printout of the news from the Star-Telegram.  This made Rotarians the most informed people in town.  If you are asked to present a newscast, be mindful that in our audience we often have visiting Rotarians, professional business people who are first time visitors, even young people.  Your material should be appropriate for a corporate setting and mindful of a dual gender audience.)
  • Music: Alison Edwards, Chair
    • Following the invocation, a club member leads us in the National Anthem.

ROTAGRAPH EDITOR: Cathy Neece Brown, Chair

  • Advertising/Sponsorships: Bill Fairley, Chair
    • This committee works to sell advertising in the Rotagraph and sponsorship of weekly meetings.
  • Editorials: Cathy Neece Brown, Chair
  • Last Meeting Column: Joseph Berkes, Chair
    • Weekly recap of Friday’s Meeting.
  • New Member Bios: Kyle Borrello, Chair
  • Personals: Nolan Bradshaw, Chair

MEETING ARRANGEMENTS: Don Marable, Director, Sergeant-At-Arms

  • Cash Ticket Sales: Abby Ackers, Chair
    • Tickets come in red or blue.  The red tickets are for members who pre-pay their meals with their dues.   If you attend Rotary every week, pre-paying for lunch saves you some money.  Lunch is $22 if you pay as you go with cash or check and $25 if you choose to use your credit card.  Two volunteers are needed each week (cash & credit card payments).
  • Pre-Paid Tickets:  Shonnah Driver, Chair
    • Members, speakers and special guests pick up their pre-paid tickets from this table
  • Ticket Collecting: Lori Drew, Chair
    • Volunteers are needed to take tickets before members head through the food line.  This system helps the staff keep track of meals so we are billed properly. Two volunteers are needed.
  • After Meeting Cleanup: Shanna Saldana, Chair
    • Volunteers are needed to take down the backdrops (3) at the end of each meeting.

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  Harriet Harral, Director, Chair

  • Blood Drive/Flu Shots:  Paula Parrish, Chair
    • This committee works with Carter BloodCare to conduct on-site blood drives during the Rotary year.  You can donate anywhere in the metroplex.  Be sure to give the Blood Bank our number (#75) and our club will get credit for your donation.
  • Community Safety & Law Enforcement: Mike West, Chair
    • This committee works with the City of Fort Worth Police and Fire Training Center to recognize the outstanding cadet of each graduating class.  This cadet is presented the Thomas R. Windham Award at one of our Rotary Club meetings.
  • Community Outreach: Lauren Harris & Christie Mosley-Eckler, Co-Chair
    • The Community Outreach Committee looks for volunteer opportunities for members throughout the year.
  • Rotary Plaza: Mark Dabney, Chair
    • This committee is responsible for addressing the maintenance needs of Rotary Plaza and planning an annual picnic in the spring for Rotary members and their families.  A small endowment is being built to help with the maintenance needs.
  • Veterans and Military Support: Betty Harvey, Chair
    • The Rotary Club of Fort Worth’s Veterans Service Committee is honored to support existing Veteran programs and initiatives. The Rotary Club of Fort Worth has over 80 veterans, countless family members and friends that we honor and respect for their military service. It is privilege for Rotarians to participate with existing programs.
    • This committee will work also with the USS Fort Worth Commissioning Board of Directors to develop outreach opportunities to the crew of the USS Fort Worth.  

 YOUTH SERVICE:  Susan Morgan, Director, Chair

  • Four Way Speech Contest: Tennessee Walker, Chair
  • Walton Elementary Reading Mentors: Chair TBD
  • Walton Elementary Parent University: Chair TBD
  • YWLA/Walton Elementary Literacy Art Project: Chair TBD
  • YWLA/Walton STARS:  Chair TBD
    • The Rotary Club of Fort Worth is teamed up with students at the Young Women’s Leadership Academy for STARS – Service Through Active Rotarians and Students.  The goal of the program is to introduce the students to the concept of volunteerism while at the same time providing a fun way to hone their writing skills in a related contest.
    • Part two of the project has each student write an essay on the theme of “What Service Above Self Means to Me.”  The Education Committee selects finalists from the participating classrooms and names one overall essay that best captures the concept of service.  The author of the top essay, receives a laptop computer for her efforts, attends a Rotary meeting, reads the essay to the club.
  • Rotaract: Sheryl Harris, Chair
    • 11th grade students are matched with a Rotarian or other business person in their field of interest for a day of job shadowing. Job shadowing allows on-the-job learning, as well as career and leadership development.  Job shadowing is a great way to get a sense of what it’s truly like working at a specific job.  There is no way to be 100 percent sure you are going to fit into a position until you have actually tried it, and shadowing is a good way to start.
  • RYLA: Susan  Morgan, Chair
  • Youth Exchange: Jo Ann Reyes, Chair

VOCATIONAL SERVICE:  Andy Taft, Past President, Chair

  • Business Mixer:  Chair TBD
  • Corporate Spelling Bee: Christie Moseley-Eckler, Chair
    • This committee is responsible for getting a team of Rotarians to compete in the Corporate Spelling Bee to represent the club.  In 2009 we hosted a Corporate Spelling Bee to raise awareness of literacy in our community and raised over $50,000 for the creation of the Tarrant Literacy Coalition.
  • PR Committee: Julie Curtis, Chair
  • Leading Edge Visit: Chair TBD
  • Career Vocational Training Committee: Chris Jordan & Sylvia Mahoney, Co-Chair 

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE:  Rachel Marker, Director, Liaison 

Committee Co-Chairs: Gregg Wechsler & Jeff Whitfield

MEMBERSHIP:  Larry Anfin, President-Elect, Chair

  • Buddy Program: Whitney MacDonald, Chair
  • Classification and Membership: Rachel Marker, Chair
    • The Classification & Membership Committee is responsible for leading the efforts to recruit new members.  It is the goal of this club to find members of the Fort Worth community who are leaders and have achieved a certain level of success.

    • The C&M Committee deputizes all members of our Club as members of their committee and asks that you continually keep in mind potential new members.

    • Members are classified to help maintain the desired variety of membership.  An individual holds the classification for a specific business activity or profession and is an ACTIVE member.

  • Rotary After Hours: John Black, Chair
  • Membership Retention: Mike Baylor, Chair
  • F.A.S.T. Class: Meredith Warnock, Chair
  • Facilities: Fernando Costa, Chair

SPECIAL COMMITTEES: David Campbell, President, Chair

  • Audit/Finance:  Jeff Whitfield, Chair (Treasurer)
  • By-Laws: Charlie Powell, Chair 
  • William B. Todd:  Wayne Carson, Chair
  • Personnel: Andy Taft, Chair
  • Nomination Committee: Rachel Marker, hair
  • Endowment Funds: Robert Holt, Chair
    • 1-year term: Justin Rutledge, Rush Vann, Chris Grasher
    • 2-year term – Elliot Goldman, Judith Carrier, Sylvia Mahoney
    • 3-year term—Cathy Neece brown, Martin Noto, Ames Fender
  • Arts:  John Farrer, Chair
  • Fly Fishing: Chris Jordan, Chair
    • This committee plans a trip to Broken Bow, OK for a fly fishing weekend for Rotarians, their families and guests.  The committee works on dates, accommodations, activities and logistics.
  • Golf: Don Marable, Chair  
    • This year the committee will be working on the 5th annual Crazy Pants Open to be held in April 2017Last year was a huge success raising more than $16,000 benefiting the charitable funds of the Rotary Club of Fort Worth. The committee works on sponsorship, donation for the raffle and logistics of the event.